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The Pest Controller Will Ensure Your Good Night’s Sleep By Performing:

  • Rodent control: the trained pest technician will locate and seal all entry points with wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam to contain the infestation. He will also bring special thermographic or endoscope cameras to pinpoint the exact location of the rodents and use traps and pesticides to eliminate their population. The professional will also give you free prevention tips, can install door brushes and vent meshes upon request, and can readily arrive for both regular and emergency appointments. Get our full treatment to enjoy up to 2 free follow-up visits (valid for a period of 3 months after the service).
  • Inspection: if you suspect that your property is infested, a fully equipped pest controller will proceed to carefully inspect all air ducts, drainage pipes, the basement, the areas behind and under furniture, and other inconspicuous places where pests may have taken refuge. If an ongoing infestation is discovered and you decide to book a service with us, the cost of the inspection will be deducted from your chosen treatment’s price. The length of your inspection will depend on your property’s size, the level of infestation (if any), and on the type of pests that the exterminator may encounter during the survey.
  • Fumigation: after examining your premises, the COSHH-compliant professional will use a high-tech machine to evenly apply biocide powder onto all affected surfaces in the property. In about a week, the pesticide will eliminate all creepy crawlies and their eggs. The method is highly effective against all common types of flying or crawling insects.
  • Insect control: starts off with a thorough inspection by a certified technician in order to assess the level of infestation and to identify the pest. The expert will use efficient bait gels and sprays to treat all affected areas and will provide you with free prevention tips when the service is done. Upon request, the exterminator can arrive for a same-day service or issue COSHH assessments and service reports. We treat against: bed bugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches, wasps, moths, spiders, and more. Get our full treatment to enjoy up to 2 free follow-up visits (valid for a period of 3 months after the service).
  • Heat treatment: the insured technician will arrive for a preliminary inspection to spray all infested areas and to give you tips on how to prepare your property for the upcoming treatment. Two to three days later, the exterminator will return to isolate the treated rooms and deploy diesel-fuelled heaters, which will increase the room temperature up to 55°C. The resulting heat will kill off all eggs, larvae, nymphs, and adult insects in about an hour. Two weeks after the service, the pest controller will stop by to check if the bugs are gone and to re-spray the surfaces, if needed. The service is covered by a 3-month guarantee, so any survivors will be thoroughly dealt with free of charge.

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  4. Enjoy what your city has to offer while the exterminators take care of business!

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