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We Have Everything Your Pets Need to Stay Healthy and Entertained:

  • Dog day care: all whims of your fluffy companion will be met by extensively trained, insured, and kind pet carers. When you arrive at our centre, you will be able to meet the carers in person and take a good look around to ensure that your pet will feel happy and safe in your absence. Each stay includes lots of supervised playtime, frequent walks, and socialising activities with other dogs. The carers will also ensure that your buddy is well fed and will administer his medication (if needed). Our Fantastic doggy centre offers same day service and operates under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act of 1963.
  • Dog walking: the carer will take into account your dog’s age, behaviour, and health condition to plan out a customised walk that will fully satisfy his needs. The trained professional will always make sure to feed, groom, and play with your pet before heading outside. Each walk may last anywhere between 15 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on your fluffy friend’s needs. If your pet loves socialising with your friend’s or neighbour’s dogs, we can also do combined walks with up to 4 canines at a time! We also run a flexible schedule, allowing the pros to arrive on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Spare leashes, rain coats, and poop bags are all included in the service price.
  • Dog grooming: ensure that your dog is healthy and happy with regular grooming sessions by experienced and certified groomers. Each carer holds a professional grooming certificate and is experienced in dealing with dogs of any age or temperament. Depending on your pet’s needs, the service may include the following procedures: coat brushing, nail clipping or grinding, hair trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, and more.
  • Cat grooming: the professional will groom your feline with loving care to remove excess hair, prevent hairballs, and improve their blood circulation. Upon request, the insured groomer can do a trendy haircut that perfectly matches your pet’s personality. You will also receive free, expert advice on how to look after your pet once the procedure is done. We help your cat both look and feel good by performing thorough fur cleaning and de-tangling, front and black claw trimming, ear cleaning with cotton balls and alcohol, chin cleaning (to deal with acne), full combing, Brazilian hygiene clips and much more.
  • Pet sitting: your beloved pet will be taken good care of in the familiar environment of your home. Our service is suitable for a wide variety of animals, including cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, snakes, and more. The animal specialist will ensure that your pet has constant access to fresh water and their favourite food, and will ensure to polish their toilet areas or cages to perfection. Depending on the type of companion you have, your session can also include playtime and training sessions, grooming, and bathing. The insured professional can also, at your request, help you out with light domestic chores, ironing, and other tasks in case you’ve booked them for a lengthy pet sitting session.




Get Personalised Services for Your Animal Companion in 4 Steps

  1. Download GoFantastic for your iPhone or Android device from your app store.
  2. Tap on the pet care service you’ve chosen and select the type of animal you have.
  3. Share a bit of information about your pet (breed, age, health condition, behaviour).
  4. Specify a date for your service and put your mind at ease, knowing that your pet receives the love and attention they deserve even when you’re miles away from home!

GoFantastic Comes with Tonnes of Extra Features, Such As:

  • Wish to check on your pet? Your carer can send you plenty of photos via our app chat;
  • Keep your savings account intact with exclusive deals and discounts for all our services;
  • Reschedule, cancel, and re-book services on the fly by simply logging into your account;
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer care and the ability to rate your service after your pet carer departs.


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